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Our Story


 Wild Heart Life was founded with the goal of adorning you in high end Travel inspired fashion that is one of a kind and practical to your everyday life. As women we carry a lot with us every day, so I encourage you to also carry your dreams! Wild Heart Life is a portal for you to drop into your wanderlust dreams and memories as well as give you helpful information to travel planning and packing. I also hope to inspire you to live your wildest dreams and deepest desires by sharing powerful life manifestation tools to help you bring those dreams and desires of adventure, bliss, and freedom to creation in real life. 


Most of our fabrics are sourced from the Hmong Hill Tribes around South East Asia. The story of the creation of Hmong textiles reflects the upheaval that Hmong refugees experienced. It is not entirely clear where the Hmong hill tribe originally came from, most likely their ancestors lived in Tibet and China. The Hmong have a very strong urge to remain independent. Attempts from Chinese authorities to subjugate them and force them to integrate has led to a real Hmong diaspora. There are many Hmong subgroups spread out around Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, and large populations live in Northern and Central Thailand

In traditional Hmong life in Asia, women produced complex clothing that established clan identity through abstract geometric designs in the textiles, created by embroidery, appliqué, reverse appliqué, and indigo batik. The designs reflect a spiritual philosophy and are inspired by nature. Historically, textiles in village life were not sold, but they held important spiritual protections, such as the colorful baby carriers and hats designed to disguise the children from evil forest spirits who might try to steal their souls. In refugee camps and later the diaspora, the sale of textiles generated important income for families, as it created conditions for innovation, such as the embroidered story cloth.


Our handbags are handmade with lots of love and intention by fair trade artisans in Thailand. Tribal fabrics are sourced directly from the tribal artisans of South East Asia and India. Due to the handmade, authentic, and antique nature of materials each item is different and some may contain slight imperfections. This is part of the beauty and natural wild nature of each piece. Fabrics are checked throughly for quality before being created into bags, and each finished piece is handpicked by Danielle direct from the factory in Chiang Mai. 


The handmade and authentic nature of our products allows Wild Heart Life to support the indigenous tribal art of weaving textiles. Fabric sourced directly from the tribes and handmade by artisans in Thailand support the fair trade and traditional arts of tribes around the globe. We are proud to play a role in supporting the tribal arts and contributing to sustaining the ancient cultures and stories they represent.